RESPECT THE PEOPLE’S VOICE: NO to Constitutional Changes, Division of Sri Lanka & Witch hunt against the Armed Forces

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NO to Constitutional Changes, Division of Sri Lanka & Witch hunt against the Armed Forces

For 3 years’ people’s democratic voice was stifled by denying elections. The so called international community kept silent not insisting on elections being held. However, finally after an island wide local government election, the People have spoken – the silent majority have spoken and the Government is bound to now listen. Though the official election results are being controversially delayed unofficial results reveal that an Arab Spring model does not work in Sri Lanka.

No political party has been able to create such an island wide impact within less than 2 years of its birth. The Prime Ministers party has come second while the President’s party (not the one he contested from) has come a distant third. The defeat was not so much for the candidates of the defeated parties but a clear rejection of all that the leaders of the defeated parties were forcefully promoting in Sri Lanka sans the approval of the citizens.

After denying people three years of their right to vote people came out to say they had had enough of the lies, drama and treacheries taking place before their eyes.

While official election results are yet to be revealed President Rajapakse has issued a statement asking victors to enjoy the victory in a peaceful manner. We can recall the former President accepting defeat and leaving office even before the official results were revealed. It is unfortunate that the elections office are delaying declaring the final results and exposes the biased nature of that office & its head and necessitates calls for his removal.

From 2015 an unprecedented list of unbelievable changes had taken place leaving the people voiceless and democratically unable to voice their objection. Even the international community chose to shower awards on rogues.

Every shocking action and decision taken by the yahapalana government has been democratically rejected and the Government must now listen and the President is now bound to take necessary action to nullify and veto the constitutional changes being drafted secretly, the removal of Buddhism which has been and must remain the national identity of Sri Lanka, the attempts to permanently divide Sri Lanka by changing its unitary form to create a Kosovo and South Sudan and the sale of national assets to foreigners. People have said they do not want to have a government that has to ask West & India permission to govern Sri Lanka or take decisions after seeking their approval first!

Moreso, people were angered by the manner that the armed forces personnel & intelligence officers were hurled on bogus charges and placed behind bars with bail denied. The mental agony that they suffered culminated in the suicide of a mother-in-law whose last letter pleaded that her son-in-law served the nation patriotically and was no murderer. The manner the 3 naval ratings were released and their faces revealed their relief. These were moments that touched the hearts of many a citizen who were angered by the manner that the government was going after the men who sacrificed their lives to give us peace from terrorism. The event that took place in London where pro-LTTE supporters influenced the removal of the Military attache Brig. Priyankara Fernando would have largely influenced many voters too even Tamils.

The results are certainly a major setback and embarrassment to both the President & the Prime Minister who in all of their speeches at election platforms chose to not talk on policy or what they had delivered but adapt a very crude form of attack which by the results have revealed that the people are not only not impressed but have chosen not to be fooled by them. The leadership ability, capability & effectiveness of both the President & the PM are now seriously in question. It will be an eye opener to the foreign forces that brought them to power and they must already be conniving and conspiring on plan B.

Over 2000 public officials were brought before an illegally constituted corruption body, questioned and humiliated while the magnitude of corruptions by the people that came to power on the platform of bringing good governance was not only ignored but completely immune from prosecution. The bending of law & order, the interference of judicial decision making even had magistrate courts opened in late hours of the night and people sent to prison and kept in prison without bail. The cleaning of the Central Bank took away the cake with committee after committee being appointed to exonerate themselves but using the platform of the Parliament turning it into a circus to cry ‘kawda hora’ at others.

The people watched, waited and waited hoping for an election to voice their dismay. It came finally on 10th February 2018. In many ways it was an apology by the people who had been taken for a ride and fooled and people had decided to put Country before their political party barring a handful who remained loyal to the party over the country.

The people had enough of lies fed to them on a daily basis undermining people’s intelligence with promises of starting factories like Volkswagen, propaganda using dead people became unacceptable, the people have rejected ETCA and the manner state enterprises are being doled out to India & the West while controversial figures are being strategically placed to put into effect promises and assurances given to LTTE diaspora from whom favors and perks have exchanged hands.

The results have clearly hailed the demise of the SLFP and exposed the JVP too.

For those that have been conspiring with the Government it was a message that clearly established that the Sinhalese are never for the division for the Island nation and that all citizens must live as ONE in this One Island. The results conveyed that any form of attempt to separate or divide the country would not be allowed.

The inefficiencies, lack of leadership, patriotism, nationalism largely contributed to an unprecedented show of citizens at a local government election to defeat all of the lies and drama of the present government.

The People have given a clear message to this government – You can fool some people for some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time. The only exclusion are those willing and proud to be fools!

It is ironically that days before the election the Prime Minister was chief guest at a new venture named ‘Drop Me’.

Shenali D Waduge

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